Slow Boatin’ to Your Favorite Music Festival

On the Southeastern outer coast of Alaska a  few small fishing towns meets the Gulf. One particular town happens to be Sitka and is home to a very unique music event named Homeskillet Festival. One of the few festivals in Alaska that promotes more than just bluegrass, Homeskillet has become an exciting experience for people spending their summer in The Last Fontier while still looking for new and innovative music. However, the small town is located on the edge of a brown bear occupied island. Baranoff isn’t cheap or easy to arrive on. To show people just how removed from the rest of the World Sitka actually is, Brandon Hauser and I kayaked from Hoonah, Alaska to Sitka. This is a small glimpse at the 200 mile adventure that brought us to wild ride of Homeskillet Festival.… continue

The Crossing of Admiralty Island: Part 2

Swan Island to Mole Harbor

Very close to 3am the Sun began to heat up the beach.  A scorching hot day was upon us and we hadn’t slept more than a few hours. Open to the unobstructed sun, I now regretted sleeping under a clear sky. We all tried to hide from the light but it did little good, as now the ravens and various birds started socializing. These are good problems to have considering where we were.… continue

The Crossing of Admiralty Island: Part 1

Oliver’s Inlet to Angoon – 70 Miles Across Admiralty

Sometimes a trip into the wilderness sounds so good that I don’t question the reality of what it will take to actually survive the expedition. The idea of spending ten days traveling through the protected waters of Seymour Canal and crossing from lake to lake, one side of Admiralty Island to the other seemed like one of the greatest trips a person could do in Alaska. Hauling a sea kayak through old growth forest remained a small side note until I was face to face with the challenge.… continue